The CS50 Journey

As many others, I’m a able to work from home the same way I work in the office. Unfortunately it took a pandemic for my company to realize that, but better sooner than later. With that, now I have some extra time to do more stuff, like study something. And that’s how I started yet another course.

Harvard CS50

This is probably  one of the most famous computer science course in the world. And is available for free. You just have to pay for the certificate if you will. The course aims to teach students to think algorithmically and to solve problems efficiently. It does so by teaching abstraction, data structures, encapsulation, resource management, security and software engineering. At the end you can choose between 3 tracks: mobile, web or games. I would like to do all of them, but it’s not clear to me if I can do that or follow only one.

Week 0

The first week is an introduction to the basics. It explains how computers work with on 0 and 1 and how we can convert from decimal to binary. It also explains how computers know how to form letters and colors.

After that, it goes to algorithms and efficiency, which I think was great. I did a graduation and a specialization and efficiency was never mentioned. The teacher introduced coding through pseudo code and used Scratch  to show examples, making way more easier for first timers to understand.


At the end of each week, we have to send a solution for a problem set. This first week is a small project developed using Scratch. The evaluation is automatically done by a GitHub bot.

You can play my project bellow. It’s not much, I may work more on it in the future (maybe not) (probably not). 😅

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