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PHP Conference 2019

PHP Conference 2019

Last weekend I was in Porto Alegre for the main PHP event in Latin America. It was really cool, feels good to hear great people talk, we feel renovated and motivated to do a better work. The first day was dedicated to full length courses, I attended one about evolving architecture. It was nice to …


To motivate or not to demotivate?

I’ve been going to meetups and listened to podcasts and I realized something: we talk a lot about how to motivate people in our companies. And the more we talk about it, more unsatisfied people we meet. It seems that we’re doing something (or everything) wrong. What motivates one person do not necessarily motivates another. …


Podcasts I listen to

I listen to lots of podcasts, much more than I’m able to, so I have to pick up the topics I’m most interested in. I’m gonna list the technical ones I like more, ordered alphabetically because it’s easier. 👌 In english Coding Blocks Darknet Diaries Front End Happy Hour Shop Talk Show Soft Skills Engineering …