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Vanhack São Paulo Mission

Yesterday I attent to a recruitment fair promoted by Vanhack. Vanhack is an amazing company that connects IT professionals willing to relocate to companies that need these professionals and are not able to find them in their country.

The São Paulo mission is a weekend long event not open to the public. Previously to the event, the companies select the candidates they want to interview. During the day we participate in a hackaton and on the scheduled time we go to the room to be interviewed. There was 6 companies attending this edition and I talked to two of them. I formed a team with 4 other people and we worked on a PoC based in a product from one of the companies.

The interviews were amazing, it felt like a conversation on a bar. If there goes nothing it already have worth the opportunity and experience. And the hackaton, exhausting as it is, is incredible. In one day I learned and did more than in weeks at work.