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Since last year, I have been attending some meetups near my job. Unfortunately Rio does not have many active groups as São Paulo or other capitals around the world. 😕Among these, I'm trying to attend to four with some regularity. These events happened between december and february and I didn't write about them because I was still making this blog.

Microsoft Rio Monthly Meetup

Every first wednesday of the month, Microsoft opens its doors to receive people and talk about innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Some of the more recent talks were:

  • Artificial inteligence and computer vision
  • Social startup
  • programming and robotics for public schools
  • Biga data, cloud and management 4.0
  • Challeges of a young entrepreneur with IOT

Agile Talks

This one is the newest one of this group. Its second edition is planned for next week. It is focused on project managing and agile culture. On its first edition there were two talks:

  • Chitchat about Lean Inception
  • Understanding Lean IT


PHP Rio is one of the largest and oldest groups in Rio. Although it is focused on PHP, it present talks about any other tech. Recent presentations include:

  • Nginx and productivity modules
  • PHP in the universe of criptocoins
  • Bringing people together with ElasticSearch
  • PHPStan - The sincere cover for your system

Coders in Rio

It's hard to believe just by looking at the picture, but this is actually the biggest group in Rio. 😜 It is organized by Microsoft MVPs and it is aimed to technologies in general. The last talks were:

  • Design Thinking - What is it? Where they live? How it reproduces?*
  • Agile management with Azure Devops

* This is a recurrent joke here in Brazil, it's the closing call of a special weekly journalism program. 

They also have a youtube channel where they stream weekly about some theme. In 2018 they started an annual event called Coders in Rio Summit. It's a long day event and in its first edition they talked about:

  • Business inteligence without data governace is utopic
  • Controlling IOT devices with inteligent chatbots
  • Adding inteligence to your apps with Microsoft Cognitive services
  • Docker containers and Kubernetes
  • Blackchain as a Service with Azure Blackchain Workbench
  • Cosmos database for developers
  • Erros and hits on innovation