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Hello world!

Can a person be this cliche in 2019? Yes, it can. :D

It's been a while since I decided to leave the Medium platform and move to a system of my own. I mean, Medium is nice and all but... I don't know, the page is too "simple", I miss some configurations. On the other hand, I didn't want to go with Wordpress because it's too much, I wouldn't use all the things it provides me. So I decided to build one of my own, with the stuff I wanted, the way I wanted and so on. And since the whole point of this online endeavor is to show off some of my skills, that sound like a good idea.

In the beginning I felt a lot like I was reinventing the wheel. I started questioning myself and with that, it took much more time than it would normally take to deploy this little simple blog system. The question is: is reinventing the wheel really a problem? Should we always use what's already available to us? I'm starting to think that the answer is no. Wordpress wheel is to big for my car. While Medium wheel was getting smaller. So in this case it made sense, to me, to build my own wheel.

Another thing that is starting to bug me is the need to use Laravel. I know that the world is using Laravel or Symfony, but I was not happy using it. It does made development quicker and easier, I'm not arguing about that, but it also felt like it's too much for my needs. I can perfectly see how Laravel can be useful in a corporate environment, with all its design and architecture and stuff, I believe it helps a lot keeping the team organized. But for me, building a simple website? I think I would be great with just some composer packages and my own code. Besides, I felt like I was not programing in PHP. And I think it's more important to know the language than some framework. Frameworks come and go, but the base it's there.

And this also applies to javascript and its universe of frameworks. I have the impression that nowadays people are learning React/Vue/Angular instead of Javascript, and it may call its price in the future. 

For now that's it. I have much thinking to do and I'm feeling a bit lost. Although I love PHP and I know it's a great and mature language and the majority of he web is still made over it, the market seens to think diferent 😔. I'm not sure if I'll drop Laravel for a simpler PHP made by me or if I should take this oportunity to try NodeJS and move to a new language I'm not used to.

I know companies prefer to hire people with professional experience, but as the company I work walks to the past, I rather walk into the future. And I think that study and personal projects experiences are better than no experience at all.