About me

I’ve been working as a web developer since graduation. Both as a programmer and as project/product manager.

For the first three years I was what today we call a “Full Stack Developer”. My main job was writing PHP code, but I also did some front end and infrastructure work. But then I passed the exams to work for the Government of Rio de Janeiro, and that means doing a lot of everything.

At the first Institution I worked I developed their website and managed half of their systems while also helping out users with problems. On my current job, I started programming in .Net and Java, but some months later the company decided that it would outsource the development, so that left me with managing projects, system analysis and other day to day works.

Since 2018 I’ve been assigned to a internal project where I’m kind of a “Full Stack Everything”. We got this system from another Institution and we cannot modify its core per our needs, we can just enhance it with new modules. Because of it, we have many challenges improving the system and adapting it to integrate with our existing ones.

Everyday is a new small battle, but also a new learning. And that’s awesome! But enough with professional talk, I’m also supposed to write about me outside of work. ­čśâ

Besides programming, I also like to go to concerts, to go to the movies and to play games, it doesn’t matter if it is electronic (I’m a Playstation guy) or analog (I play board games every tuesday with a group of friends). I also like to binge watch tv shows with my wife and, altough I’m not doing it recently, I like to be with the nature.